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Gaming Update Progress and Office Work

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Gaming Update Progress and Office Work  Empty Gaming Update Progress and Office Work

Post by Tiern117 Fri May 10, 2024 4:58 am

I started playing Peer-to-Peer games with Good Game Empire when I moved into my first home. After spending over $600 dollars, I upgraded to Raid: Shadow Legends and spent over $2100 dollars in beating the games campaign (last boss required more money) It was a WTF moment. I don't need to prove that I can spend money, so I went ahead and upgraded all my champions and skills in all areas and have a 2.5MK Power that inherited me a new game, Gods Raid. I have played peer-to-peer skilled based games for over 3 years in my house and have had a grueling mythical experience just trying to setup all my technology to play the games. But my office space is now setup with security for school and gaming work and I have been setting up my media and career at the same time. 40 Hours of playtime and 40 Hours of work a week is what I aim for, but actually getting to play the game is the reward or its work.

I am almost there on streaming and playing halo infinite and other progression games toward life careers for new development in technology and games.

43K Stock Empire, Max Stat Money Claim.

Posted 04:58AM 05/10/2024 Oregon, USA.

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